International Business Story

Synopsis: International Business Story is a business scenario that is based on the events around the tragic story of some children who were poisoned because of attempts to cut costs by replacing pharmaceutical chemicals with industrial chemicals and using them to produce cough medicine. The story takes place in Asia, […] Read more »

The Obsession

at The Library of Congress Synopsis: The Obsession is a story that was told to me by a student from Oman. It is about human relationships and emotions and the grammar focus is past simple tense and past continuous tense. It is an intermediate level story. Download the text: The […] Read more »

What is it like in a Dogon Village?

[audio:luisdogon.mp3] Download audio file (luisdogon.mp3) at el rabbit A group of friends start to talk about Dogon villages in Africa and end up talking about nationalism. Mark: What is the Dogon village like? Luis: They are clay… and they are… Mark: Clay houses? Luis: Clay houses. Mark: Round houses? Luis: […] Read more »

I Was Doing Yoga

[audio:travelagent.mp3] Download audio file (travelagent.mp3) at Myyogaonline Mark ran into a Japanese guy at a travel agent in Rishikesh. The Japanese Guy: Do you think I ought to take a local bus all the way? The Travel Agent: No no no. It is open at five o’clock. Four o’clock. From […] Read more »

Eran from Israel

[audio:israelieran.mp3] Download audio file (israelieran.mp3) at Tmuna Fish Mark: So Eran what part of Israel do you come from? Eran: I am from Rishon. Rishon le Zion. Mark: From where? Eran: Rishon le Zion. Mark: How do you spell that? Eran: R-i-s-h-o-n. Mark: Uh-huh. Eran: Would be Rishon. Mark: Uh-huh. […] Read more »

Past Tense

There are two important past tenses. They are past simple tense and past continuous tense. Past simple tense looks like this: I came to India two days ago. When did you arrive? I arrived a month ago. Let’s look at some more examples. Follow the link and listen to (and […] Read more »

Hitching Around Australia

[audio:dahi.mp3] Download audio file (dahi.mp3) at davidgraymaclean Mark: So… so Dahi, what part of Ireland do you come from? Dahi: I am from Cork. It is in the very south. Mark: Is it the southern most part? Dahi: It is the southern most county. It is not the southern most […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 1 – What is your first language?

[audio:swami1.mp3] Download audio file (swami1.mp3) at Gayatri Swami: Where are the cricket grounds in Australia … where test cricket is held? Mark: Every city. Swami: Every city? Mark: I am from Brisbane. Swami: Ah-ha Brisbane! Queensland. Mark: That is right. Yeah. Swami: Aah Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Mark: Where are […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 25

[audio:miyako25.mp3] Download audio file (miyako25.mp3) at Kevin Saff John: Hey, Hiroko. How are you? Hiroko: Not so good. I burned the pancakes. I was making Korean pancakes and I burned them. John: That’s a pity. Can you make some more? Hiroko: Yeah. I’m making some more now. First I have […] Read more »