An Explanatory Note – “separated at birth”

The two boys were separated at birth. Somebody separated the two boys. They were separated. They were taken away from one another. They did not see each other any more. They were born. They were separated when they were born. They were separated at birth. They were separated as soon […] Read more »

I am a Japanese Korean

Misun is a Japanese Korean from Osaka. Her parents were both born in Japan, too. She cannot get a Japanese passport, but instead has a Korean one. Mark interviews her in this recording. Read more »

Chinese Revolution

Did you know that the main protagonists of the Chinese revolution, Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek, were related? Find out how in this conversation between an American and an Australian. Read more »

People and Places – Burke 1 – Grew up on the road?

[audio:burke1.mp3] Download audio file (burke1.mp3) at Monique Hofland Mark: Did you say…? Burke! Did you say you were…? Did you say you grew up on the road? Burke: Ahm. Well. Actually I grew up in the back of a backpack but that is because … I was born in … […] Read more »