In My Opinion…

Vedanta is a Hindu philosophy and practice whose goal is self-realization. In this conversation, Mark asks a woman in India about the best place to study Vedanta. Read more »

I lived in Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the capital and largest city in Papua New Guinea. Hear someone speak who lived there for 10 years as a child. Read more »

Outside Oslo

[audio:outsideoslo.mp3] Download audio file (outsideoslo.mp3) at catmer Mark met a Norwegian woman at a cafe. Mark: What part of Norway do you come from? The Norwegian Woman: Just outside Oslo. Mark: Oh Yeah. Is it like part of Oslo? The Norwegian Woman: No it is a little town kind of […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 3 – The Five Elements

[audio:swami3.mp3] Download audio file (swami3.mp3) at Irp Mark: What are the five elements? Swami: The first is earth. Mark: Earth. Swami: The most solid. Rough is the earth. Mark: Matter. Swami: Matter. Matter. Subtler than that is water. Mark: Water. Swami: Subtler than water is fire. Mark: Earth, water, fire. […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 1 – What is your first language?

[audio:swami1.mp3] Download audio file (swami1.mp3) at Gayatri Swami: Where are the cricket grounds in Australia … where test cricket is held? Mark: Every city. Swami: Every city? Mark: I am from Brisbane. Swami: Ah-ha Brisbane! Queensland. Mark: That is right. Yeah. Swami: Aah Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Mark: Where are […] Read more »

People and Places – Adrian – A German in India

[audio:adrian.mp3] Download audio file (adrian.mp3) at Motographer Mark: So Adrian, what part of Germany do you come from? Adrian: I’m coming from the southwest of Germany. Mark: What’s the name of the area? Adrian: It’s called Palatinate. Mark: Palatinate. And you come from a village or a city? Adrian: Uh, […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 26

[audio:miyako26.mp3] Download audio file (miyako26.mp3) at omnos John: This is really good. You are a great cook. Hiroko: It’s not too salty? John: No, it’s delicious. Where did you learn to cook? Hiroko: My mother taught me. My mother and my grandmother. John: But this is Korean food. Where did […] Read more »