Working as an Engineer

[audio:workingasanengineer.mp3] Download audio file (workingasanengineer.mp3) at pianoforte Mark talks to Tony about a job in Kuwait Mark: What kind of job in Kuwait? Tony: Oh it would be ahh…well…it could be a number of things…in…civil engineering…you know…maintenance on the base…maintenance on the base, you know…evaluating contracts. Mark: Are you a […] Read more »

Bangkok during the Vietnam War

[audio:vietnamwar.mp3] Download audio file (vietnamwar.mp3) at *hendrik Mark asks Tony about his experiences in Bangkok during the Vietnam War. Tony: I didn’t go to Vietnam. I was in the air force. Mark: Right. Tony: They had a few bases in Vietnam but they had like six or seven air bases […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 11

[audio:miyako11.mp3] Download audio file (miyako11.mp3) at filmmaker in japan Hiroko: Where in Kyoto do you live? John: I live near Kyoto University. Do you know Kyoto University? Hiroko: Yes, I do. It’s very famous. Do you live near the Silver Temple? John: Yes, I do. The Silver Temple is about […] Read more »

On Horseback from Canada to South America

[audio:onhorseback.mp3] Download audio file (onhorseback.mp3) at stephanie-sas Craig and Mark and some friends talk about a horseback journey from Canada to South America. Craig: One night Mark and I came up with an idea for a great trip. It started…we were talking about horses and…you know that I really love […] Read more »

Motorcycles and Mountains

[audio:motorcyle.mp3] Download audio file (motorcycle.mp3) at novon Mark asks Eric about motorcycling in Japan. Mark: Hey, Eric! You’ve got a motorcycle, haven’t you? Eric: Ahh, yes, I have two. Mark: What kind? Eric: I have a BMW big touring bike and I have a Suzuki off-road type. Mark: A BMW […] Read more »

Living Overseas and Coming Back

[audio:overseas.mp3] Download audio file (overseas.mp3) at glenelg48 Mark talks to Seiko about her time in San Francisco, Beijing and Amsterdam and they wander on to the topic of languages and being bilingual or multilingual. Mark: Seiko, you’ve just come back to Japan. When did you come back? Seiko: Well, I […] Read more »

Talking about Native Americans and the South

[audio:trailoftears.mp3] Download audio file (trailoftears.mp3) at babasteve In this interview Mark talks to his friend, Eric from Oklahoma about the cowboy culture in that part of the United States. Mark : Hello everybody. I am just sitting here in a a big classroom here..and I am talking to my […] Read more »

Talking about South Africa

[audio:lerato.mp3] Download audio file (lerato.mp3) at carlosoliveirareis In this recording Mark interviews Lerato, who comes from South Africa. M: Ok so…Hello everybody I am sitting here with Lerato from South Africa. What part of South Africa do you come from, Lerato? L: I come from Johannesburg. M: Right, so you […] Read more »

Steve from Michigan

[audio:steve.mp3] Download audio file (steve.mp3) at teaspout Mark interviews Steve Yenik, a friend and co-worker of his, who lives in Kyoto, Japan. In it, Steve talks a little bit about the Midwest of the United States, the orignial thirteen colonies, and his hometown of Owosso, Michigan. Mark: I’m just sitting […] Read more »