The Holy Grail

A temple in Ethiopia contains a very special relic. Is it the Holy Grail or the Ten Commandments? Listen to Luis and Isabel talk about it. Read more »

Drilling for Oil and Gas

Drilling for oil and gas on a big rig at sea is hard work. It's also dangerous. Hear a big rig 'motorman' talk about his experiences on a drilling platform. Read more »

The Elixir of Immortality

If you had the chance to live forever, would you take it? Hear about a Chinese man who wanted to live forever and how he tried to do it. Read more »

Mixed British Accents

[audio:mush.mp3] Download audio file (mush.mp3) at Parksey1964 (Can you tell a person from Southampton by the way they talk; by their accent?) First English Guy: Oh yeah. Englishwoman: That’s Southampton. It is about as far south as you can get. First English Guy: “Mush”. By the way they use “mush” […] Read more »

Outside Oslo

[audio:outsideoslo.mp3] Download audio file (outsideoslo.mp3) at catmer Mark met a Norwegian woman at a cafe. Mark: What part of Norway do you come from? The Norwegian Woman: Just outside Oslo. Mark: Oh Yeah. Is it like part of Oslo? The Norwegian Woman: No it is a little town kind of […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Irish (Gaelic) – 2

[audio:irish2.mp3] Download audio file (irish2.mp3) Do you have a house? (Irish) Yes, I do. (Irish) Do you have a horse? (Irish) No, I don’t. (Irish) Do you have a car? (Irish) No, I dont. (Irish) Do you have any food? (Irish) Do you have any drink? (Irish) Do you have […] Read more »

Eran from Israel

[audio:israelieran.mp3] Download audio file (israelieran.mp3) at Tmuna Fish Mark: So Eran what part of Israel do you come from? Eran: I am from Rishon. Rishon le Zion. Mark: From where? Eran: Rishon le Zion. Mark: How do you spell that? Eran: R-i-s-h-o-n. Mark: Uh-huh. Eran: Would be Rishon. Mark: Uh-huh. […] Read more »