Easy English 200 – Speaking and Listening – Introduction

[audio:talking1.mp3] Download audio file (talking1.mp3) at National Library Scotland This is a different type of lesson. There is no transcript. Listen carefully. Answer the questions. Answer the questions aloud. If you don’t understand the first time, listen again and again until it becomes easy and natural. Listen until you can […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Afrikaans – 2

[audio:afrikaans2.mp3] Download audio file (afrikaans2.mp3) Use this post to learn English and Afrikaans at the same time. I speak Afrikaans. I come from South Africa. My mother comes from Holland. I live in Australia. I work in Singapore. South Africa was a Dutch colony. South Africa was an English colony. […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Irish (Gaelic) – 2

[audio:irish2.mp3] Download audio file (irish2.mp3) Do you have a house? (Irish) Yes, I do. (Irish) Do you have a horse? (Irish) No, I don’t. (Irish) Do you have a car? (Irish) No, I dont. (Irish) Do you have any food? (Irish) Do you have any drink? (Irish) Do you have […] Read more »


There are lots of different ways to form a question. 1. Yes/No Questions This type of question needs a yes/no answer. 2. WH Questions This type of question needs a WH question word. 3. Intonation Questions This type of question uses intonation. It likes like a normal sentence. The intonation […] Read more »

Intonation Questions

Sometimes we ask a question with rising intonation at the end of the sentence. When we write the question it looks like a normal sentence, but from the intonation (rising at the end) and the situation (pragmatics) we can tell that it is a question. Compare these two sentences below. […] Read more »