The Advertising Industry is Responsible

Interviewer: Ponderosa Pine! How did you get that name? Environmental Activist: I gave it to myself in 1972. I had moved back to California from New Mexico where I became really fond of that tree and then I learned it is the most susceptible of California trees to smog and […] Read more »

Easy English 101 – Trees are brothers

[audio:treesarebrothers.mp3] Download audio file (treesarebrothers.mp3) at M J M I think trees are like brothers and sisters. They’re like brothers and sisters. Trees are like brothers and sisters. I was watching television. I was watching television and I saw a programme about a man. I was watching television and I […] Read more »

Who was the real Hannibal?

[audio:ishtar.mp3] Download audio file (ishtar.mp3) at grabthar Syrian Guy: There. What happened there? You know? Mark: You were talking about Ishtar. The old Assyrian goddess. Syrian Guy: Ishtarte. Ishtarte. Mark: Ishtarte. Yeah. Syrian Guy: She was the goddess of the sun. The sun-goddess. Mark: Right. This is in ancient Assyria. […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 29

[audio:miyako29.mp3] Download audio file (miyako29.mp3) at KarlMarx Miyako: What are you going to do in the future, Hiroko? Hiroko: In the future? Do you mean when I graduate? Do you mean what am I going to do when I graduate? Miyako: Yeah, what are you going to do when you […] Read more »