A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 29 – A Medieval Castle

Have you ever been inside a medieval castle? In this episode, Mark visits Peter Bestluck in his own castle outside the city. Read more »

Drilling for Oil and Gas

Drilling for oil and gas on a big rig at sea is hard work. It's also dangerous. Hear a big rig 'motorman' talk about his experiences on a drilling platform. Read more »

I make Bread and Pizza

[audio:hannan.mp3] Download audio file (hannan.mp3) at fooey Mark: What was your name again? Hannan: My name is Hannan Benetan. Mark: One more time. Mark and Hannan: Hannan. Mark: Hannan. How do spell that? Hannan: H-a-n-n-a-n. Mark: H-a-n-a. Hannan. What part of Israel do you come from? Hanan: Rishon le Zion. […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 3 – The Five Elements

[audio:swami3.mp3] Download audio file (swami3.mp3) at Irp Mark: What are the five elements? Swami: The first is earth. Mark: Earth. Swami: The most solid. Rough is the earth. Mark: Matter. Swami: Matter. Matter. Subtler than that is water. Mark: Water. Swami: Subtler than water is fire. Mark: Earth, water, fire. […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 36

[audio:miyako36.mp3] Download audio file (miyako36.mp3) at Hobo pd Miyako: Wow! She speaks really good English! John: So do you. Miyako: But she speaks it better than me. She speaks it much better than me. John: I don’t think so. I think your English is just as good as hers. Miyako: […] Read more »

When the Khmer Rouge was in Power

[audio:pahlinterview.mp3] Download audio file (pahlinterview.mp3) at walt jabsco Mark: So Pahl what part of Cambodia do you come from? Pahl: I come from Kompong Cham Province. Mark: Kompong Cham. And you were born there? Pahl: Yes, I was born there? Mark: How far is it from Phnom Penh? Pahl: It […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 33

[audio:miyako33.mp3] Download audio file (miyako33.mp3) at tzofia John: Hi Miyako. Miyako: Oh, hello John. How are things? Are we still going to go to the Mexican place on Saturday night? John: Well, I’m still going to go but Hiroko just called and she said she has a big psychology test […] Read more »

Kath from Surrey

[audio:kathsurrey.mp3] Download audio file (kathsurrey.mp3) at Patryck Mark: Sorry what did you say your name was again? Kath: My name is Kath. Short for Katherine. Mark: Katherine. Katherine. Mark Kath: Hello. (laughs) Mark: What part of England are you from, Kath? Kath: I am from a place called Surrey which […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 30

[audio:miyako30.mp3] Download audio file (miyako30.mp3) at manu le manu John: Hiroko, Miyako and I are thinking of going to a Mexican restaurant in Kyoto. Do you want to come? Hiroko: When are you going to go? John: We don’t know. We don’t know when we are going to go. Hiroko: […] Read more »