In My Opinion…

Vedanta is a Hindu philosophy and practice whose goal is self-realization. In this conversation, Mark asks a woman in India about the best place to study Vedanta. Read more »

Do you read novels?

You are a man on a train on a journey from Hell to Heaven but nowhere around you can you see the tracks, the carriage, the other passengers or the window, let alone the view from the window. Read more »

Nurse Story – An Example of an Interactive Story

[audio:nursestory1.mp3] Download audio file (nursestory1.mp3) at Manu Le Manu Listen to the interactive story and write in the words that Mark says. 1. THE NEW JOB (be verbs) Alec: A young woman is at a big hospital. Mark: Alec: She is a nurse. Mark: Alec: What colour is her uniform? […] Read more »

Mosquito City

[audio:Mosquitocity.mp3] Download audio file (Mosquitocity.mp3) at markwhite Hi. My name is Ralph Mesquite. I am a biologist. I live at Ling Lodge in Brooklyn City. Ling Lodge is on Old River Road. It is a part of Mosquito City. The houses in Brooklyn do not have street numbers. They have […] Read more »

Jack and the Beanstalk

[audio:jacknbeanstalk.mp3] Download audio file (jacknbeanstalk.mp3) at Lindfish In this podcast, Steve Yenik tells the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, an old English fairytale. Steve: Okay so Jack was a poor boy who lived with his mother and, all they had was a cow. And they were so poor. And […] Read more »

The Big Dream, Part 1

[audio:BigDream1.mp3] Download audio file (BigDream1.mp3) by ciro@tokyo The Graveyard This is a recording of Part 1 of the interactive story, The Big Dream, and is meant to be an example of what a guided story might sound like when two people engage with it in a classroom setting. The Big […] Read more »