Miyako’s Education – Part 33

[audio:miyako33.mp3] Download audio file (miyako33.mp3) at tzofia John: Hi Miyako. Miyako: Oh, hello John. How are things? Are we still going to go to the Mexican place on Saturday night? John: Well, I’m still going to go but Hiroko just called and she said she has a big psychology test […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 23

[audio:miyako23.mp3] Download audio file (miyako23.mp3) at mestes76 John: Hello again. Are you still reading? Miyako: Yep. John: Are you still reading the same book? Miyako: Yeah. It’s interesting. It’s really really interesting. In fact, it’s fascinating. John: What’s it about? Miyako: It’s about how education is fun. Learning is fun. […] Read more »

Studying in India

[audio:studyinginindia.mp3] Download audio file (studyinginindia.mp3) at dashingyankee Mark: So I am just sitting in an Indian restaurant with my friend, Arthur. Arthur, you have been to India, haven’t you? Arthur: Yes. Mark: Tell us about it. When did you first go there? Arthur: in September 1969… Mark : September…? Arthur: […] Read more »