Do You Watch Documentaries?

document (noun) – an official word for a piece of paper, such as a legal document documentary (noun) – a video program that tells the truth – a factual program Do you watch documentaries? Read more »

Time Expressions

Some years ago is a time expression. Here are some more: whenever two years ago last year many years ago once upon a time when I was young once Long Complex Time Phrases whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth whenever it is a damp drizzly November in […] Read more »

Mosquito City – Part 42 – I have to get out of this hotel

[audio:anlimc42.mp3] Download audio file (anlimc42.mp3) at Irp Frank’s friends were not able to help Mark find an apartment so he asked his friend Peter for help. Mark: So Peter I really need to get out of this hotel and get my own place. Down in Brooklyn, you said, was a […] Read more »