Where are We? – The Space Page

at quimpg [audio:enoughroom.mp3] Do you have enough room? means Do you have enough space? Are you sitting in a chair? Are you sitting on the floor? Are you sitting in a confined space? Do you have enough room? [audio:enoughroom.mp3] Say your answer then write it in the comments section below. […] Read more »

Himalayan Hike – 1 – Hiring a Guide

[audio:Himalayan Hike1.mp3] Download audio file (Himalayan Hike1.mp3) at irp Mark and Axel from Australia teamed up with Luis from Spain and Alex from France to hike to Malana in Himachal Pradesh. Gilles helped them negotiate the price and conditions of a guide over the mountain pass. Gilles: You must be […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Irish (Gaelic) – 2

[audio:irish2.mp3] Download audio file (irish2.mp3) Do you have a house? (Irish) Yes, I do. (Irish) Do you have a horse? (Irish) No, I don’t. (Irish) Do you have a car? (Irish) No, I dont. (Irish) Do you have any food? (Irish) Do you have any drink? (Irish) Do you have […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Cambodian – 2

[audio:cambodian2.mp3] Download audio file (cambodian2.mp3) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Australia. (Cambodian) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Cambodia? (Cambodian) Where is he from? (Cambodian) He is from America. (Cambodian) How long have you been in Cambodia? (Cambodian) One hour. (Cambodian) Two hours. (Cambodian) Three […] Read more »

Past Tense

There are two important past tenses. They are past simple tense and past continuous tense. Past simple tense looks like this: I came to India two days ago. When did you arrive? I arrived a month ago. Let’s look at some more examples. Follow the link and listen to (and […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 26

[audio:miyako26.mp3] Download audio file (miyako26.mp3) at omnos John: This is really good. You are a great cook. Hiroko: It’s not too salty? John: No, it’s delicious. Where did you learn to cook? Hiroko: My mother taught me. My mother and my grandmother. John: But this is Korean food. Where did […] Read more »