I Was Doing Yoga

Download audio file (travelagent.mp3) at Myyogaonline Mark ran into a Japanese guy at a travel agent in Rishikesh. The Japanese Guy: Do you think I ought to take a local bus all the way? The Travel Agent: No no no. It is open at five o’clock. Four o’clock. From this […] Read more »

A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 3 – The Disguise

Wearing his new disguise, Mark goes back to the travel agent and tries yet again to buy a ticket to Mosquito City. Does his plan work? Read more »

Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – Episode 3:
Having a Cup of Coffee

Download audio file (HiroThai3.mp3) by Junku In this episode, Mark questions Hiromi about her upcoming trip to Thailand over a cup of coffee at the cafe. 3. Having a Cup of Coffee Mark: So, Hiromi, what’s new? Hiromi: I’m going to go overseas. Mark: Really, where are you going to […] Read more »