Bilingual – English and Spanish – 6

[audio:spanish6heis.mp3] Download audio file (spanish6heis.mp3) Use this post to learn English and Spanish at the same time. He is French. (Spanish) He is French too. (Spanish) She is French. (Spanish) She is not French. (Spanish) She is Korean. (Spanish) She comes from Korea. (Spanish) Have you been to Korea? (Spanish) […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and German – 20

[audio:german20.mp3] Download audio file (german20.mp3) Use this post to learn English and German at the same time. I was on the bus. (German) I went to the border. (German) I crossed the border. I saw the river. There was a lot of pollution. It was very very dirty. I was […] Read more »

I make Bread and Pizza

[audio:hannan.mp3] Download audio file (hannan.mp3) at fooey Mark: What was your name again? Hannan: My name is Hannan Benetan. Mark: One more time. Mark and Hannan: Hannan. Mark: Hannan. How do spell that? Hannan: H-a-n-n-a-n. Mark: H-a-n-a. Hannan. What part of Israel do you come from? Hanan: Rishon le Zion. […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Cambodian – 2

[audio:cambodian2.mp3] Download audio file (cambodian2.mp3) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Australia. (Cambodian) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Cambodia? (Cambodian) Where is he from? (Cambodian) He is from America. (Cambodian) How long have you been in Cambodia? (Cambodian) One hour. (Cambodian) Two hours. (Cambodian) Three […] Read more »


at Library of Congress A verb is a type of word. It is a doing word. It is an action. Here are some verbs. If you learn a language learn these verbs first: speak, understand, go, come, want, sleep, eat, drink, like, have, be, give, take, work, remember, forget, learn, […] Read more »

Past Tense

There are two important past tenses. They are past simple tense and past continuous tense. Past simple tense looks like this: I came to India two days ago. When did you arrive? I arrived a month ago. Let’s look at some more examples. Follow the link and listen to (and […] Read more »


Here are some topics and language points with lesson ideas. Click the links and follow them. A Academic Vocabulary in Context Adjective and Verb together About Academic English Almanac Articles Accents Adjectives Adjectives – Listening Agreeing and Disagreeing Alan Ginsberg Audio of Speech by President Eisenhower Asian Languages Asking Questions […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Spanish – 1

[audio:spanish1.mp3] Download audio file (spanish1.mp3) You can use this text to learn English and learn Spanish. I speak English. (Spanish) I don’t speak Spanish. (Spanish) Do you speak English? (Spanish) Yes, I do. (Spanish) Do you speak English? (Spanish) No, I don’t. (Spanish) Do you speak Spanish? (Spanish) Yes, I […] Read more »