Bilingual – English and Cambodian – 2

[audio:cambodian2.mp3] Download audio file (cambodian2.mp3) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Australia. (Cambodian) Where are you from? (Cambodian) I am from Cambodia? (Cambodian) Where is he from? (Cambodian) He is from America. (Cambodian) How long have you been in Cambodia? (Cambodian) One hour. (Cambodian) Two hours. (Cambodian) Three […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Spanish – 1

[audio:spanish1.mp3] Download audio file (spanish1.mp3) You can use this text to learn English and learn Spanish. I speak English. (Spanish) I don’t speak Spanish. (Spanish) Do you speak English? (Spanish) Yes, I do. (Spanish) Do you speak English? (Spanish) No, I don’t. (Spanish) Do you speak Spanish? (Spanish) Yes, I […] Read more »