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Tell Us About Your Job!

at Library of Congress [audio:tellus.mp3] Tell us about your job like this: My name is Peter. I am from Slovakia. I am a fruit picker. It is seasonal work and it is very hard. Most people do it for three months. I have been doing it for three years. I […] Read more »

Work Discussion Topics

at Library of Congress Let’s Talk About Work [audio:letstalk.mp3] Look at the topics below.   Listen to the audio and answer the questions out loud.   Then, write your comments at the bottom of the page.   1. Work and Identity Your job is who you are. [audio:whatthink.mp3] What do […] Read more »

What do you do for a crust? – The Bread Page

at fooey What do you do for a crust? [audio:crust.mp3] What do you do for a crust? means What do you do for a living? or What is your job? Money is bread. People who grew up in the sixties and seventies and older people sometimes call money, “bread”. It […] Read more »

The Employment Page – Positions Vacant

at Library of Congress Are you an employer? [audio:employer.mp3]   Are you looking for staff?   Write your details in the comments section below. Use this template:   Name: Job Title: Job Description: Location: Conditions: Remuneration: Contact Details: for example: Name: Global Drilling Job Title: Telephone Receptionist Job Description: Telephone […] Read more »

The Job Page – Write your answer!

at Library of Congress What is your job? [audio:whatjob.mp3] Write your answer in the “comments” section below. You can answer like this: Factory Worker I work as a factory worker. I work in a factory. I am a factory worker. Teacher I work as a teacher. I work in a […] Read more »

What is Your Job? – The Job Page

at Library of Congress What is your job? [audio:whatjob.mp3] Choose your answer and click the link. Write your answer on the answer page! I am … an author a businessman a carpenter a chef a clerical worker a cook a civil servant (a public servant) a doctor an employee of […] Read more »

Things You Have to Do – The Work Page

at Library of Congress What do you do? [audio:whatdo.mp3] What do you do? means: What is your job? or What do you do for a crust?   “Right now” or “Monday to Friday”? “What do you do?” means: “What do you do from Monday to Friday?” and “What are you […] Read more »

Bread and Cakes

at fooey Do you know a good recipe for a cake or bread? Tell us what the recipe is. Say it aloud and then write it out in the comments section at the bottom of this page: [audio:recipe.mp3] What is it called? How do you make it? Use these expressions […] Read more »