Working as an Engineer

[audio:workingasanengineer.mp3] Download audio file (workingasanengineer.mp3) at pianoforte Mark talks to Tony about a job in Kuwait Mark: What kind of job in Kuwait? Tony: Oh it would be ahh…well…it could be a number of things…in…civil engineering…you know…maintenance on the base…maintenance on the base, you know…evaluating contracts. Mark: Are you a […] Read more »

Lake Eyre in Central Australia

[audio:eyre.mp3] Download audio file (eyre.mp3) at SideShowMom Mark: There is this big lake in the middle of Australia: Lake Eyre…and it is below sea level.. Craig: Right… Mark: And normally the rivers in Australia…they are dry…but about once every…twice every hundred years it rains in that area… Craig: Right… Mark: […] Read more »

Archie is a Sheep Man from New South Wales

[audio:archie.mp3] Download audio file (archie.mp3) In this podcast, Mark White interviews Archie, a sheep man from the town of Emmaville in New South Wales, Australia. Archie talks about the history of Emmaville and life growing up in the Australian countryside. M: Hello everybody. We’re sitting just outside Emmaville in New […] Read more »