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  1. Martins says:

    Hi everybody! I ‘m a congolese from Drc and it ‘ s my pleasure to join this group and I ask you to be kind towards us in helping us with new materials to improve our english. I hope we will reach a higher level in use of the language.

  2. endah rosyid says:

    Hello everybody. my purpose is same with all of you, to learn and improve my skills in english, so you can contact me by facebook. this is my fb’s name ; Endah Rosyidah Santang
    i’m Indonesian. thx

  3. alfrazdag says:

    My name is alfrazdag. I am sudanese .my native language arabic .
    I am learn english , who can help me to learn english i will glad . You can help me by whatsapp ,skipe , and imo

  4. Nila hermiyati says:

    Iam nila.I’m from Indonesia.
    I would like to practice my English with you.

  5. Descombaz Patrick says:

    Hi every body, my name is Patrick from Geneva in Switzerland, my native language is French and I am … oh my god ! almost 50 years old. I am here to learn, practice and improve my English.
    wish you all a nice week-end.

  6. Tabaral says:

    Hi every one my name is Tabarak , i am from Egypt , my native language is Arabic, and i studied spanish en the university, and i would like to learn and speak english like native people .

  7. abdi haji says:

    hi my name is abdi haji and i am 20 years old . my native language is somali. I have skype hodan.global2. I would like to learn english language .

  8. satish jha says:

    Hiii everyone
    I am satish from India. I am curious to speak English for this I need a well mentors. If you are interested to guide me,you may contact with WhatsApp,facebook and hike too. My WhatsApp number is +918271238421. For this I shall be grateful to you.

  9. nurlan says:

    hi kel nice to meet you too. i am nurlan currently i need partner which will be helping to learn english every day. my native language kazakh at the same know russian language. you may connect with me through on the internet. what up 87778814526 or sky up i will be waiting for your answers.

  10. kel says:

    hi everybody!!!
    I am kel, I am 31 years old and i live in Perú the spanish it is my native language.
    i am new and i like to learn english. skype, Crixtyn

  11. Sah says:

    Hi everyone in this website?

    let me wish that you are already have learnt English course.

    By the way I am called Said, live in Kampala, Uganda. I interest in writing skills so that is why I have joined this website and also little bit of speaking skills.

    So I would like to get more friends whether you know or not. just we are conversing and chatting….Yah..If you can steal from your time plz touch with me these addresses.. facebook: Saa Saa…..wasap num.+256789 526905

  12. Dilia Ramirez says:


    I want to improve my English. my Sype is dilia.ramirez31

  13. Dilia Ramirez says:


    I want to improve my English. Speaking with somebody. my Skype is dilia.ramirez31

  14. Mdambo says:

    I’m very happy

  15. Ellyo Santos says:

    Hlo,,,i’m Ellyo santos from East timor, I have intereted in english much so i need someone help to improve more my english,,,

  16. ali says:

    my name is Ali I want to iprove my english conversation

  17. ola says:

    Thanks, It’s good lesson 😀

  18. Cholbiar says:

    I feel happy to have good link expertists in english.i hope to become like u help me to become better now. Iam from Sudan.

  19. Cholbiar says:

    I feel happy to have good link expertists in english.i hope to become like u help me to become better now Iam from Sudan

  20. sandip Ghosh says:

    Hiii friends , I am Sandip from India . I want to Improve my English speaking skills . Please help me

  21. HI everybody, and keep on trucking in this beautiful way of learning english. I’m from México, Let us go! We can learn if we want to.Pretty glad for practicing with you. I don’t know people for practicing here in my Country. I ‘ve been learning by myself.Just reading and listening english podcast.

  22. Mahabat says: all of you i want to improv my english talk to me please

    • Alexander says:

      Hi, my name is Alexander, I am from Colombia and i want to improve my english if someone wnats to practice with me, my skype is flowertakecare i hope to see someone through skype. God bless all of you.

      • shamsa says:

        hi , how are you i hope you are fine

        i like to add you in my skype , my id shamma644

        and hope to practice together .

  23. karim says:

    very good

  24. venkatesh says:

    hi all, my name is venkatesha i would like to speak english some as you all so let`s learn together

  25. vevkatesh says:

    hi friends, can any body give me a some tips for improve my english conversation , how & when or where can i have sources o solution for this………….

  26. vevkatesh says:

    i just want to improve my english skill could u pls help ?

  27. exequiel says:

    hi,freind how are you,im exequiel from philippines.thank you that i found you.because you know my english is very poor.i dont have confident to my self to speak and right anglish.bacause i cant fenish my study because i born in poor family.can u please help me.thank you god bless and happy new year in advance.

  28. mohd shuja says:

    Hi I am shuja and I love this course and I want to talk to people who really want to converse .my e-mail is

  29. simple girl says:

    i want to learn english plz help me my skype id is simplegirl0

  30. Ayesha says:

    hi, i want to imporve my english skill. fo rspeaking level is very poor want to impove it. or next month i passed the exam for ielts. can anyone help me. more talikng to me in english.

  31. Nie says:

    Hi All,

    My name is Nie, Iam Indonesian…same as you all…I want to have ability to speak english very well. So I am here…and lets learn english together. Btw…nice to meet you all here…catch you later

  32. waleed119 says:

    hi my friends
    my name is waleed iam from sudi
    i want learn speak inglish but i donow so iwant freind for help me
    thank you

    • adam says:

      hi waleed, im indonesian.. i also want learn english more. we can study together.

    • Sahilelder says:

      Hi mi name is Sahil, I’m from Guatemala, I want to improve my English Level. If you want to practice with me you can find me on Facebook By Sahilelder Chb or contact me on this website… Thank you.

  33. reem says:


  34. ADIL says:

    Hi. I am Adil from Pakistan. Brother I would like to tell you that i want to improve the english so can you tell me that how I can improve my english?

  35. Adham Hamadneh says:

    hi everybody..i really want someone who can speak english to talk this is my name in facebook(Adham Hamadneh)…add me..then i will add you in my group (friends english)..

  36. Adham Hamadneh says:

    hi everybody..i really want someone who can speak english to talk this is my name in facebook…add me..then i will add you in my group (friends english)..

  37. vasu says:

    think possitive and you will learn english in the short time


    all the best for guys and girls

  38. GHOURI says:

    Dear All,

    I want to learn English from the basic any one help me please.

    Your prompt reply

    may save my children s future. I hope you will reply soon.


    • vasu says:

      first u go and join in institute.,

      focus on english always, definetly u can learn english

      all the best

    • Adham Hamadneh says:

      do you have a page in facebook..if you have..add me (Adham Hamadneh)then i add you in my group english to talk with each other..and have a funny time.

  39. GHOURI says:

    Dear All,

    I want to learn English from the basic any one help me please.

    Your prompt may save my children s future. I hope you will reply soon.


  40. vanducphu says:

    Pls help me improve English, especially Ielts. Thanks so much.

  41. Neda says:

    Hello everybody,My name is Neda and Iam from Afghanistan I live in Ghazni Province
    Nawadays it is time for improving english language communication through internet and in particular talking through skype.
    I want to make new friends for improving english language level and let’s tlak via skype
    whoever is keen and eager to lalk to on skype my skype name is Neda.Muhammad and I am morre availabe in the afternoon in Kabul Time.
    Thanks all

  42. aom says:

    Hi, I want good speak english. Everybody help me please. I try practice.

  43. riska says:

    hi there!
    I can’t wait for having a lot of friends here! 🙂

  44. shanty says:

    Hi everybody!! ^^ I’m shanty, from Indonesia, I want to practice my english, so I hope u guys can be my friends and let’s talking and practising english together, thank u, God Bless!!

  45. Nancy Bui says:

    hi everybody ,I come from vietnam where english is just a foreign language, it’s very difficult to find a chance , time,place to practice English.So i wanna make more friends to improve English,anyone care about this,add my yahoo you

  46. hello hello
    please be my english partner by ad my yahoo messenger

    thank you, have a good day everyone

  47. zuhaib attari says:

    hi its zuhaib attari from pakistan i need if one who talk english weth me for emprove english laguage

  48. Imaculada says:

    hello, I am Ima I want to well about you,,,,,,,,

  49. nona says:

    hi . iam nonita i would like to join with some one to improve my english … my email is

  50. yasmina says:

    i just start learning english so i want to meet someone with whose i practise my english on conversation


  51. reddygopal says:

    my name is reddygopal.Iam ready to learn english.iam searching new friends for communication improvement. anybody who wants to eager to learn engish come chat and speak with me.our english conversations provide good opportunity for who are eager to learn english. thanks for our website.I waited somany days for this chance. Now I found this. I can utilize this.iam waiting for new friends with open eyes

  52. Wakhid Hariyanto says:

    I am Indonesian. I want to know you

  53. Fuad says:

    Hi every one in need friend who need practice English with me. I’m liveing in London.So it’s my email_: and skybe name ( fuadjabara )please contactme. Thnaks………..

  54. mohamed says:

    hi my name’s Mohamed im from morroco ,i study managment and i’d like practice my english with somone how too want’s practice her english so for that please contact me at my adress email i hope be a good speaker . thank’s and good luke for all

  55. flordeliz bantilan says:

    thank you for all consideration that made sir, i know i can learn a lot since speaking english is easy if you have a positive motivation to your self that you can learn and i ask also God’s guidance to help me for some improvement and to obtain 100%learning development.

  56. dubai says:

    I’m Dubai. I’m glad to enjoy.
    I hope that I’ll learn english more than I know…. 🙂

  57. mairam says:

    these my email please any 1 i want to talk

  58. mairam says:

    hiiiiiiiiii to evry1 here iam mairam from libya and i love you

  59. Pol says:

    I really want to practice my english with someone too…i appreciate it if someone send me an email and discuss any topic he or she may choose…anything under the sun! i believe its the only way i can practice speaking the language. I am still apprehensive speaking it. I still stammer and pauses when i do. But it wont stop me from reaching my goal, that is to speak English fluently and automatically. Hope all is well! Email me here

  60. Renu says:

    hi!eka how are you.I’m renu from India (Himachal pradesh ) .i’m doing MCA .I wants you to make my friend and want to practicising english with you. I will be very happy if you will add me as your friend and reply me.

    • feroz says:

      hi this is raj here i am searching someone to talk with in english i hope ull add me
      i want to practice with u it will help me to improve my english n urs too see u soon

  61. mohammed says:

    hello to every one

  62. BASHIR says:

    Thank you for your great lesson

  63. saomai says: there anyone willing to talk with me?

  64. Pol says:

    Hi I am Pol from the Philippines. I share the same predicament most enrollees have mentioned here. Knowing english is different from speaking it, to tell you honestly. I get lost with the language mostly when i speak it. I don’t feel confident sometimes speaking it and that is when it all started. Wrong grammar usage here and there and the list goes on…i cant believe it sometimes. I get frustrated and disappointed. I really do want to speak fluently and automatically as if i am a native speaker if to say the least. So, if anybody likes to chat or talk to me, i would love to. I know that i need to practice speaking the language and for me to gain experience and ease, i have to use it frequently. I am telling you, reading or writing english is a lot easier at some extent than speaking. Any topic under the sun, i appreciate it. Thanks.

  65. Hello Every one i hope you are ok all:
    this is mmy frist time i join this site i like to be solve this site your English porblem and we are suporeted this site and we well read and follow this site too.

  66. rojack says:

    i’d like to learn english grammar and speaking..

  67. Neveen says:

    Hello! You’re really good people because you have the feeling of responsibilty towards people all over the world. I really thank you for such feeling, and I hope to be like you.

  68. dario says:

    hi anyone!!!even though i didnt understand how the site works yet coz just have a skym look I hope I’ll be able to improve my english,hopefully my listening skills by using the lot of dialogs u can find on I also hope that all of us are aware…..we got to work on like we’ve already started!!just can say that because if not we would not have met each other on this web-page!
    good luck everybody
    keep on gettin’ closer

  69. andry says:

    Hi every body
    nice to know n learn with u….

  70. titi says:

    I am lucky. I’ve found this web site so I can improve my English

  71. basuki rahmat in jayapura-papua says:

    For the readers in the world, would you mind giving/sending me some english material, especially for teaching speaking ??
    This is my e-mail

  72. basuki rahmat says:

    Please send me a video for teaching english in my class. The material is such as the expression of invitation, love, permission, etc

  73. SAN PHEARIN says:

    Can u tell me about how to learng English fluently?

  74. Hi all
    I m photographer I would like to improve my English please help me thanks

  75. mamta says:

    hi i want to improve my english

  76. sudha says:

    I want the conversation regarding could would mightand short stories about all three tenses

  77. sudha says:

    I am very much interested about talk in fluent and correct english could you help me

  78. nice browsing tonigth..i found so very entertaining and useful website.

    i am new comer here buddies…but it don’t mean i am a newbie in english.

    ok everyone…if u would like to improve your english..and u want to be more fluent in english.
    i think this site is the helpfull way to get it.
    or if u want to express your english’s skill on FacebooK…U can joIn on My forum ” Cara Cepat Mahir Bahasa Inggris ( CCMBI )” in english ” The easy way To be Fluent In english ” surely..u will be fluent sooner.
    i am the creater of that i will help u to get it.

    Don’t be affraid at anytime …Keep Moving forward…!!

    Best Of Luck….!!


  79. firdaus says:

    halow nice to meet you all

  80. rehant says:

    hi there, could you help me, I’d like to speak English so

    thanks a lot

  81. jawad says:

    i’d like to join your websit and have benfited a lot of such things as courses in english an own good prunentoin and thansks

  82. Balasaheb says:

    Hi everyone, can you help me improve my English

    • ankit kumar says:

      hey bro,
      hey i m also struggling to improve my english when i saw ur comment so i thought why not i share my experience to learn english nd improve english with u?.. dude start to think in english always …whtever u do in ur daily life tht thing u think in english nd i personally suggest u write nd read english more nd more ..lisen the people speak tht makes u understanding the language. talk with people lot in english..keeps practising becs not practice man perfect bt it also makes man permanent,,,keeps this key always on to ur mind,,

  83. Dipen says:

    hi every one my english is very poor i want emprove my english.
    who can can help me plz mail me my mail ( thoank you.

  84. nizar salem says:

    hi:i am from syria ,and i would like to learn english and meet some freinds

  85. Ramya says:

    I want learn how to speak fluently…….
    with good pronouciation

  86. that’sssssssssssssssssssss a wanderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  87. shreen says:

    hello can i learn english with u

  88. Arif says:

    Hi, I’m Indonesian, I love English very much…who want to be my partner to chat??

  89. Arif says:

    I’m new here, I don’t understand about anything here…

  90. Sarah says:

    Hello people!
    i like to have a conversation with somebody, who like to?

    • Yasyn says:

      Hy Sarah,
      I’m a student & i want to improve my english, so i need someone to practice with. SO i would be pleased to receive your email or … so i can reach you!!!

  91. Ricardo says:


    I am from Ecuador
    my english is no so good and I am look for someone who can help me to practice my english.. speaking and listening..

  92. Giang says:

    Actually, my English skill are not good, specially,listening and speaking… Therefore, i need to someone can help me,,
    thank so much!!!

  93. rakesh says:

    Hi I am happy with this kind of lessons to improve my English.

    • bonaga says:

      hi….. I am indonesian may I know You. I got problem in speaking because I am not rich boy so I can’ school in the university. can u be my partner

  94. asa says:

    i am ferdosi (asa) and painter ..ready to felowship

  95. Osama says:

    I’m a science teacher and I’d like to talk english to a native speaker or to someone who is fluent in English so I can improve my accent

  96. yen says:

    nice to know you!

  97. marylebone says:

    Nice to meet u.
    i’m just a baby,it’ll be grad to know all of ur guys.

  98. denisa says:

    i am a girl and i would like to learn more english&italian…..would anyone to help me?????

  99. abdikarim says:

    iam very hoppy to joint this website

  100. abdikarim says:

    i,m very hoppy to joint this website

  101. ojieea says:

    hi..i just sign up on this website n i hope i can improve my English soon..

  102. maho says:

    hi every one i’m a student in university i have 20 years old i like english i’m grazy about american action i like to practicite whith someone
    so this is my email:

  103. Anne says:

    I Hope it will be a good change for me to improve my english…
    Wish that i can speak english better or even fluently since i know how important that..

  104. chi says:

    hi. I’m from Vietnam. Really hope to know someone who help me improve my E. See you soon:D

  105. Alexey says:

    hi all! i’ve found this site yesterday and have already listened a lot of dialogues. just two weeks ago i came back from a trip to India, Malaysia and Thailand and now i’m so glad to hear the dialogues associated with these countries and with a people from these countries %) good job, thanks a lot!
    Alexey from Russia.

  106. abdo says:

    Hello, I wanna speak english with others online so that I can improve my english. How can I do that?

  107. mehdi says:

    Hello, i want to speak with others online so that i can improve my english. How can i do that?

  108. judith kambenga says:

    Hi thanks for this opportunity you gave to us how to know to speak and writting english.

  109. I love speaking engilsh and em normal not gud and not bad english is a very full fill life and will speak English easily, quickly, and automatically and i feel difficult urdu to eng facing for speaking power tiz situation so em join to learn english practice again that’s it improve the conversation

  110. Min Chin Ta says:

    This is Min Chin Tha
    Do you mind if I request more English conversation from you.
    Because it made me feel excited and more and more hopefully to become a person who will speak English easily, quickly, and automatically.

    Min Chin Tha

  111. erhan says:

    hi everybody, good to be with you. my english is not very well. i want to improve. by the way, sometimes i want to make pracise by talking , if you want please lets talk english on skype. my skype is “erhan__eren”

  112. Quynh Tram says:

    Hello everybody!
    I want to make friends and improve my Eng. We’ll help each other, hope so!
    Have a nice day!

  113. Phuong Anh says:

    Hello Teacher,
    Iam Phuong Anh

    Thank you for your great lesson
    I would like to see your words and you read in video.Iam very happy
    Your sound is very great.I wish I have good sound and know many word in the future
    Thank you so much
    Phuong Anh

  114. Mostafa says:

    i want to have a friend who allows me to be a good english speaker

  115. Mostafa says:

    i love speaking engilsh but i am not very good at it

  116. wajji says:

    i want to do english language

  117. Dr Syed Jamal uddin says:

    Hope this email find you the best of health and high spirits
    Its a great pleasure for me that i am your student and i promsid with you that i do hard work in learning better english
    Best regards

  118. payam says:

    Dear sir

    now i can speak english so much better than before

    this is only caused by your modern way of teaching .

    Appreciated Payam – Azhdari

  119. Ashfaque Ali Chachar says:

    We would like to help but we both have families and we have to work. At the moment I hardly have time to teach my students at work and spend time with my family. These are tough economic times. I hope you can find a way to improve writing.

  120. Yousuf says:

    I am really glad to join this site english conversation and i hope to improve my english Thanks a lot.

  121. neng says:

    I very happy to attend this lesson I hope it is very useful for me because I’m improving my english language.Thank you for your lesson and the path for me to improve my skill.

  122. OMAR says:


  123. dear sir i m a poor boy and i m very found of learning English langwag

  124. Mark White says:

    Hi Saira

    We would like to help but we both have families and we have to work. At the moment I hardly have time to teach my students at work and spend time with my family. These are tough economic times. I hope you can find a way to improve writing.

  125. Saira says:

    I m a student of Commerce & need to lern, write & speek in a beautiful simple manner But the problem is here when ever i will communicate with others i cannot convey my message properly even cannot write a single letter properly. For this i need somme possible help from your in=stitution free of cost because i cannot pay the charges. Hope you may understand my feelings.

    Take care with ver good wishes.

    • Zubair says:

      Dear Saira

      I am also facing the same situation which you have, I have completed my graduation in civil engineering but I even hesitate to speak English well,It means that we are trying to translate it from Urdu to English which cause the delay in time and lack of confidence, my suggestion is for you should deliver your feeling direct in English without any conversation.

      Zubair Ahmed

    • Salman Ahmed Siddiqui says:

      I hereby pray for your higher education and subject related to commerce courese, no any further comments because of that Commerce knowingly that world in thier pocket.

  126. zafar says:

    very happy due to now feel no hesitation in arround and talk to every one before education from urdu medium school and colleges try to improve and improve my english from your system now fell free of mind Thankz. zafar

  127. jeehan says:

    Im vere happy i well learn english
    thnx for you

  128. S. M. Jung says:

    Thank you for your great lesson!!!

  129. S. M. Jung says:

    Thank you for your great lesson

  130. somar says:

    hi i wan join

  131. Hi, happy to enjoy to another people who have the same problems as me which is practice english the most.

  132. karwan says:

    hi every one? my name is karwan liveing united kingdom, im here to improve my english for speaking, also i like make a good friend in any where, so if anyone interesting join me add me on ur msn, we will do chat when we have free time,also i really feeling convesation is much powerful for learning or speaking in english, let we try learning english together. thanks for read my message, good luck everyone, bye bye

  133. cayley says:

    hi there everyone, its seems we have all the same problem, we want to improve our English, i hope we became friends while learning English..

  134. hussein says:

    hi everybody
    im as the others here try to improve and use the language . then the most important thing to me is to make friens form different parts in the world. s o who wanna cotact with me this ‘s my email

  135. ismail says:

    hello nice to meet you every one here . my english its so bad and im student of english plz help me what should i do.

  136. maged says:

    My name is maged . im from Yemevn So, i would like to improve my english conversation. I would like also reguest everyone whereever you are, i need your help to improve my english.

  137. abdelnaser says:

    Hi evryone I am math teacher I from in egypt I wish perfect in english what do i do ? I like english anybody want to helpe me, very thanks
    by by

  138. Hieu says:

    I am Vietnamese, I speak English not very well. I want to improve it. Hope your help. Thanks
    Have a good day

  139. obaidullah says:

    hello for enerybody i want one engilch partenar any body want plz
    keep in tuch with this ID– skype- obaidw1- yahoomessanger- obaidullah_9393– im looking for partenar – thanks

  140. abdel aziz says:

    hi there
    i want to learn english spesking fast and better in my words and my answer and i want to improve grammer
    so stay with me on communication
    thank you

  141. engr matee ur Rehman Awan says:

    hi to everybody i just want to thank of Mr AJ Hoge for improving my English and hope this il also be helpful for me to improve more thanks

  142. Ref Baykan says:

    Hi, My name is Ref and I’m from istanbul
    I feel very happy, I vill speaking very vell…I hope sooo

  143. k khine says:


    Nice to meet all of you.I am from burmese. I want to improve my english . I want to talk with friends to improve my speaking skill..

  144. Ashfaq says:

    i am from pakistan, i want improve my english so i need your help

  145. arif says:

    hello everyone. My name is Arif from Karachi. This is the first time I visit this website.I need to improve my english quickly. In this connection I need to make friends with you all Please shoot me e-mails .

  146. Jenny To says:

    I’m a Vietnamese student. This is the first time I visit this website, hope to make friends with you all!!!!!!!!! Please shoot me e-mails for connection.

  147. simona says:

    hello everyone. My name is Simona and a am from Romania. I want to improve my english too. In this moment my english is bad…but i hope to learn it someday ….in fact i need it quickly because i have an very important english exam soon and i hope to past it….sorry for my mistakes…I wish you a good good day ….

  148. manar85 says:

    hi everybody ..

    you don’t have to say plz help me coz no one can make you speak good english,it’s not amagic guys you have to work on your english language and by your efforts you can be perfect by studying new vocabulary , grammer ,listening to real conversation as what this site providing us & trying to practice the speaking ,,

    kind regards..

  149. didow says:

    hi everyone ..i’m didow ..i’m from romania and i’m good at english but i wanna improve it more

  150. happy says:

    hi! this is happy. i am an indian, my english is fair(only fair not good) is there anybody who wanna talk to me?

  151. Azhar says:

    Hell there,
    I’m new here in this site ,i want learn english language conversation not grammar because i was study grammar since 4 years and i still can’t speake english good, i hope i will be good in this site.

  152. sophal says:

    I’m sophal, i want speak english faster , but now i don’t know
    a lot english so i hope that you are sure can help me.
    Ok , thank you,
    see you soon !!!!!!!!

  153. lek says:

    Hi! I’m from Thailand.I would like to improve my English too.

  154. nitin says:

    hi this is nitin kumar my English too bad to seak and writing. i want to improve now my english to your help.
    thanks you.
    all of you.
    and this website…

  155. Luciano Nguyen says:

    Why are so many Vietnamese here?

  156. Joao Barba says:


    I hope that you help me.


  157. hoanglan says:

    I really want to learn English to find a good job.but sometime I feel that It’s difficult to learn well.I have many problems about vocabulary,pronunciation,…and the most difficult is listenning. so I ‘m bored with learning,have no result!
    then,I always online to find somebody who make a gossip with me,I met him …the men is my motivation in learning E,because he only know E..I will try day by day! good health to everybody!

  158. firdaus says:

    hi, i am firdaus..
    i can`t speak english fluently,..what should i do to getting well..
    nice to tolk to you all

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Firdaus….fluency is the result of lots of practice and repetition. Becoming fluent in a language is like trying to start a fire with a stick. You need to keep rubbing without stopping in order to build up enough friction to make a spark. Once the fire gets started, then it is easy to feed and will burn on its own.

  159. fauzi says:

    thank for helping me. so i can learning english by self. tahnk alot

  160. Annie says:

    hello everybody..nice to meet u here..I’m a Vietnamese girl..I’ve found this webs recently.I’d like to improve my english speaking and I think it better for me,also for who want to reach the same goal with me, if we become friends and help each other to improve our english language…Thanks!! we can contact through my ID:ngocyen_bg4..

  161. fatima says:

    hi i am from montreal. i would likee to improve my english conversation. i need your help.

  162. wara says:

    Hi i am Thailand. Wanting partner or group chat by sounding that may be improve so fast. But I’m not enough courage for facing a real situation to people who are english first language.

  163. Neo Saint says:

    Hello to everyone! It’s nice to have a website such as this, offering free English conversation lessons to all interested individuals. It’s really a great help. All languages are intrinsically good but English language is the lingua franca now-a-days. So we have no alterantive than to learn it. In my opinion, English language cannot be owned by Americans nor the British only. Same thing with Filipino, Arabic, Nihongo, etc… all languages are for humanity!

    • Aaron says:

      I agree with you Neo Saint. Each language has a unique way of expressing reality. And each time we learn to communicate in a new language, we learn a different way to see the world, and a different way to see ourselves. I would like to learn all languages!

      • ida says:

        Hi,,i am ida, i am Indonesian, nice to see u in this world, i will teach you Indonesia language if u want to



  164. julio says:

    Hi, everyone. I am from Timor Leste the newest Nation in the milineum. So, i would like to improve my english conversation. I would like also reguest everyone whereever you are, i need your help to improve my english.

  165. thuy duong says:

    hi everyone
    nice to meet all.i’m student in national economics university of viet nam. i have found this address for a short time.i’ learning in business english.i ‘m so eager to learn more anh improve my ability of using english. hope that all of u will help me.thank a lot.

  166. sukem says:

    Hi there!
    I’m from Vietnamese.My hobbies are listening to music, writing, and reading in English.Little by little, I find out my English developed greatly.It’s completely true.By doing these hobbies regularly, you all who want to be a good English learner will be successful then.
    Let’s do it and enjoy your English.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Sukem….what you say about combining your hobbies and passions with learning English is very important. Learning English becomes much easier when we try to communicate with others on topics we love, rather than try to express ourselves on topics that do not interest us.

    • fatima says:

      it s right.

      • hussein says:

        yeah , you compeletely right . now the people try to learn english not as language which is will help them in many fields adn love it , but they learn it coz they wanna get material prophit ,that’s the only reason

  167. iva kurnia says:

    I want to test my conversation in this team so could i have some direction to gide me to get more good conversation.
    I am sorry if this topic is not connect with this team want.

  168. yadi says:

    hi all i’am indonesian
    and i will learn english language with all
    my english language not fluently
    so pleas help me for learn english language ok

  169. nhu quan says:

    hiiiii every body.i am very happy to meet all of you on this englisch is not god,and i am always to wish to having a place where evryone can to meet and to improve the englisch.thanks very much to the creater and i hope my englisch will improve so much.

  170. mhorris says:

    hi to all, im from malaysia i have the same problem like most of you bro. i like to improve my english, i am only doing this bec. of my girl she from US and she is coming this year,,i hope some one help me to improve it i want speak freely with confident..thnks

  171. faisal says:

    can u pls help me my english not good

  172. Arjay says:

    Hi there people. just like most of you guys I’m also looking forward for the chance to somehow improve my English. i’ll be checking now and then. I’d like this to be a habit but since i’m a student I can’t really focus on this one… so i guess ill just drop by if time would allow me… I hope i can really improve…
    I also would like to help as long as i can…

  173. naveed says:

    hi everybody.

    My name is Naveed. I have problem speaking English freely . Hope everyone help me to improve.

  174. ghalia says:

    learning englisch

  175. Aine says:

    Hi, I’m Aine.i hope anyone can help to revive my confidence in speaking and writing in english.I’ve studied english intensively but i have no opportunity to practice speaking it.does anyone can help me?

  176. Wida says:

    Hi everyone

    My name is Wida and I’m Indonesian
    I do hope that everyone here could help me to improve my English
    Really appreciate for your kindness


  177. RIDHA says:


    • ajay says:


    • fatima zohra says:

      hello Dedha. well i m from algeriad too and we share the same situation ….. i will be pleased to have some Algerians here and there ….i m fatima zohra and i m an english student at university level…seeking for improvment in the language i m learning …….THANKS

  178. miki says:

    hello,I’m miki come from Thailand.My english not good.Could u help me please?I hope everybody can do that.Nice to meet u.

    • mhorris says:

      hi miki im from philippines,, i have the same problem as yours,..if you like,would you like to have some convesation? to practice? i am willing to have a partner in crime?just is my email and my YM, im online from monday to saturday 10 am to 12am, 5pm 12 mn

  179. Lulut Yoga says:

    hellow everyone,my name’s Yoga.I’m from Indonesia.My English is not so good.So I hope my English could improve in here.

  180. Manoj Chahil says:

    Hi, My name is manoj. I am not very good in english. thats why i want to improve it. hope here i will do good.

  181. tam phong says:

    hi everyone.
    im a Vietnamese. nice to meet all of you here.
    actually, my english is very bad, so that I want to improve it. i hope your help. thanks
    best regard

  182. serch says:

    i want to practice my english ,,, english is the key for jobs

  183. maria says:

    can you help me??

  184. maria says:

    hi! Iam maria from Argentina and I want to improve my english

  185. felix says:

    Hello my friends there is someone alive like martin luter king. Because we need many like him. Don´t you agree?

  186. oammar says:

    iam libyan nice to meet frinds

  187. hello , i am majeebrahman i need some easy books of english.

  188. farid ahmad says:

    hello , i am farid ahmad,
    i need to learn english, would you mind telling me how can i learn its fast.

    farid ahmad


    Hello!!! I’m a new member. Wow what a complete and excellent tools and courses here. Congratulations…Let`s keep in touch…

  190. Gnanam says:

    Hi friends,
    i want to speak in english. so you help me for give conversation audio…..

  191. dwi putriami says:

    iam dwi… after read the website i hope i’ll be better in english
    thanks for all… you

  192. Feno says:

    Hi there
    I am glade to be in your group, what i want is to improve my englis level, so if u could give me a free english conversation…

  193. AJAY says:

    hi to all, anyone can help me to improve my english.

  194. Hafzan Alfi says:

    I want to request a dictionary like Oxford, because I don’t have one

  195. ahmed says:

    think you for help me

  196. aiman says:

    greeting to every body i am aiman from djibouti i realy enjoy the sit i want to get more ifor ur also thank

  197. yusuf says:

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    i relly enjoy the sit i hope for ur also

  198. howraa says:

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  199. howraa says:

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  200. Bashka says:

    Hi, I’m bashka Nice To Meet You! I like friend’s

  201. alaa says:

    hi all every one can help me that i wanna improve my language of english

  202. nabel says:

    Thank you for this site .I am so happy to get it so I want alot of frind from this site .My english is good .Iam level 5 .

  203. eglal yehia gamal says:

    this is rearlly educated site

  204. Hanan says:

    Hi,I am Hanan from Algeria.

  205. bassma says:

    thanks a lot for this website!

  206. Chun Vibol says:

    Dear all,
    I am Chun Vibol
    Nice to meet you.
    I am Cambodian. I really enjoy talking with friend.

  207. kusumaa says:

    Hi I am tiny
    Nice to meat you
    I would like to have many friends
    my MSN is

  208. kusumaa says:

    Hi I am tiny
    Nice to meat you
    I would like to have many friends

  209. Ayman Azazi says:

    Hello i am Ayman from Egypt /23 years / Electrical Engineer
    for help each other ,this is my e-mail
    we can meet and practice, ex-change usful material with each other,share good websites, so i wait your e-mails my friend

  210. Marie says:

    hi there everyone,

    I am happy to be around. I was looking for some useful english websites for my Japanese students too. Good and really helpful website. Add me in skype M.C.

  211. Maharuddin says:

    Hi guys,

    Hopefully in the year 2010 later, we all can realize the goal to be able to speak English fluently and correctly


  212. asma says:

    i would like to improve my level in conversation

  213. sarah says:

    hi Aaron u did not mintioned from wher u r

  214. mohamed elshamy says:

    iam egyptian
    iam very happy to join this website

  215. Balaji says:


    I am requesting to be sent me english books with audio for freely.


  216. Aaron says:

    Wow! Welcome brothers and sisters from the Middle East!

    • nesrine says:

      hi aron my name is nesrine am a student in english and a wanna better my english and i think that u are a native speaker. so u can help me .

  217. emy says:

    I am Egyptian ,and glad to join you

  218. nadoo00 says:

    hi everybody iam egyption and i realy need help in conversation

  219. basem says: basem.iwantto learn english

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  225. Mannoon says:

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  226. Nawar Azar says:

    hi there ….
    i’M nawar .actually i would like to learn & improve my engglish grammar .

  227. Mutaz says:

    I am from JORDEN

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