The Big Dream – an Interactive Story


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The Big Dream is an Interactive Story.
It is for lower-intermediate level English learners.

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“This shows the true power of both the teaching and imagination.”

Jigar (Gurarat, India) on the Interactive Stories method

Interactive Stories

The Big Dream is an Interactive Story, so you can improve your speaking and listening, while learning grammar in context. It is based on the Interactive Stories Method, which you can learn in our training course.

The Story

The Big Dream is a low intermediate level interactive story, which roughly follows the plot of the Charles Dickens story Great Expectations. It adapts it to a Japanese setting and tells the story of a young Japanese orphan who grows up and leaves his country home for the city and later New York City, where he finally meets the mysterious benefactor who has influenced his life so much. Read the full text now.

“It’s an amazing approach of teaching English – very exciting and enjoyable.
It is real fun.”

Ahmed (Doha, Qatar) on the Interactive Stories method.

The Course

The Big Dream course contains:

  • Audio (Mp3) for 13 Episodes, for a total of more than 2 hours of high quality English language recordings;
  • A Transcript of the Whole Text (64 pgs), including answers to all questions and short discussions; You can preview the entire text here.

How Does the Course Work?

When you get The Big Dream, you can use it to:

  • Listen and Write: Listen to the story. The story contains questions. Write the answers you hear.
  • Listen and Read: Listen to the story again and read the whole transcript. Check your answers. Look up new words in the dictionary.
  • Listen and Speak: For this part you need to find a friend to be a partner. Read the story together and answer the questions with your partner. One person reads aloud. The other person answers questions orally. Stop and discuss your answers as much as you can. If you lack confidence, do Part 2 (Listen and Read) again.

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    If you study with The Big Dream everyday for one month and don’t feel that your English is improving, just tell us and we will give your money back. There is no risk to you.

    Price: $9.00

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