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Vocabulary – Vocabulary is the Key

Grammar – Understanding Grammar

Travel – Travel Broadens the Mind

Geography – Broadway is a Street in New York

Nature – A Mountain Range is an Incredible Thing

Vocabulary – A Field is an Area

Logic – Generalisations are not Universally True

Vocabulary – Truth is the Foundation of all Human Virtues

Vocabulary and Stories – Immigration has become a Controversial Topic

Helping People – Can I be of Assistance?

Grammar – Adjective and Verbs – Help

Grammar- Nouns and Adjectives – Happiness

Listening – There is Magic in the air

My Way
at Hobo pd

The Future of Work and Employment

Three Common Ways to Express the Future in English

Customers can identify with this Product

The Difference between Having and Being

Advertising is a Powerful Force

Running your own Business can be a Juggling Act

We have to act quickly!

Writing – Some Products should never be advertised.

Metaphor – Education is the Key

Advice – It is important to be able to Trust People

Grammar – Have you heard the News?

Life is Beautiful

Selfishness and Altruism

Renewable Energy can be Renewed

Birth and Death are the Beginning and the End

Used to – Important Vocabulary

Abilities and Possibilities

The Five Senses are the Foundation of Science

Types of Verbs – Living and Dying

Do you have a Good Memory?

If you freeze meat, it will last longer

Educated People have more Arrows in their Quiver

Having, Owning and Possessing

Change is the Only Constant

It takes a Long Time to Settle in
The Economy is Starting to Stall

Modal Verbs of Deduction

Beauty Comes from the Heart

Tax Time!
at cayusa

Things that you have to do to Survive

Necessity and Obligation

Have you ever dug a hole?

I have to see him about another matter

The carrot is more effective than the stick

What country are you from?

Your breathing is Connected to your State of Mind

The vocabulary of politics is Confusing

I have been in the building game all my life

You are always on my mind

The origin and meaning of the word engineer

Have you ever been camping?

Have you ever built a fire?

We are not afraid

Rhino Eye
at nicklawes

We don’t have much in common

I never minded being on my own

How much does it hurt?

Is there room for a desk in your room?

Somebody didn’t turn off the tap properly

I have been watching you

The Quality of Awe and the value of inspiration

She has work but he doesn’t have a job

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